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Bebare is a luxurious face and body skin care product line made in French laboratories specialized in beauty care products and designed for professional use.

The products are made from high-quality and effective raw materials.
The products of the Bebaré product series use gold, which is known throughout history as an influential factor in beauty and skin care.

BEBARÉ Grape Seed Oil, 1000 ml €19,50
BEBARÉ Sugar Paste, 1000 g €16,90
BEBARÉ Sugar Paste, 300 g €6,95
BEBARÉ Paraffin Rose, 500 ml €7,50
BEBARÉ Bebare Almond oil 500 ml €12,90
BEBARÉ Charcoal Puri-Detox Mask €3,90
BEBARÉ Grape Seed Oil, 4000 ml €55,00
BEBARÉ BEBARÉ Almond oil 1000 ml €19,50
BEBARÉ Hard wax tablet €12,90

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