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Small accessories

Whether you need a shower bottle, neck warmer or customer mirrors, you will find a large selection of them. There are several good options for work bags, from aluminum lockable tool bags to the handy Pilotrol work cart with a handy telescopic handle for transport.

In our model books you can find the latest haircuts and beard styling guides. Family Albums come with a technology DVD and include: Women's hairstyles, short - medium - long, men and children.

Barburys Neck gaiter Value €10,50
Efalock Flat Customer Mirror €25,90
Wahl Neck wart €9,40
Bratt-trading Spray bottle Diamond, 300 ml €10,90
Sibel Necktie, Mini €7,90
Efalock Customer mirror, Black €31,90
Braun & Wettberg Neck wart, Aitoharjas €12,50
Sibel Neck warmer Eterna €6,50
Sibel Hand shower, Black €29,50
Oster Oster Wall mount €16,90
Sibel Neck gaiter Soft, Black €17,30
Sibel Appointment book €10,80
Efalock Efalock Mirror holder €3,90
Sibel Accessory bag three-part €227,00
Sibel Appointment book Luxe €20,50
Trend-Design Catwalk Gift card x 20 pcs €29,80
Comair Pilotrol work bag/Cart €85,00
Jrl JRL neck brace €12,90
Sibel Hand shower, Chrome €29,00
Barburys Work bag Vintage €106,00
Bratt-trading Necktie Vintage €11,90

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