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Barber supplies and tools

A wide selection of barber accessories and tools that guarantee a professional end result in both shaving and haircuts. The products are suitable for both professional use and home use. The selection includes products from well-known brands such as Barburys, Efalock, Gordon, and YS Park, which are designed to withstand even heavy use. Everything you need is available, such as razors, scissors, and shaving accessories, to ensure a stylish and well-groomed appearance. The products are in stock for fast delivery.

Barburys Towel Heater Arthur €98,00
Barburys Bloc Osma Alunakivi €7,50
Efalock Towel warmer, 10.6 L €239,00
Sibel Beard holder €3,95
Sibel Styling Sponge €4,95
Barburys Barburys Beard, Code €15,20
Sibel Beard, Beige €5,90
Sibel Towel rack €44,90
Sibel Shaving cup, Rubber €3,30
Barburys Montana Barbering Pole 70 €215,00
Barburys Barbering Pole 166 €315,00
Gordon Gordon Shaving Soap Cup €11,90
Sibel Sibel Towel warmer 23 L €278,00
Hercules Sägemann Comb hair knife €21,90

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