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Eyelash and eyebrow products and accessories

Vetus tweezers are durable and come in several different types. Thanks to their good durability and lightness, they are easy to work with. Microbrush microfiber brushes are intended for separation of eyelashes, handling of glue and remover and a tool for all work with eyelashes. See what else you need!
Glamlashes Eyelash brush, 10 pcs €2,30
Refectocil Protective pads, 96 pcs €4,90
Femell Mixing cup Glass €1,80
Refectocil Browista Toolkit €19,90
Refectocil Palette & Ring from Brow €11,90
Efalock Plastic Mixing/Rinse Cup €2,40
Eurostill Eyelash curler €2,49

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