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Sugaring agents

We have many different options for sugaring!

  • Dermaepil sugaring agent removes hair effectively and is easy and pleasant to use. There are several sugar options, from sugar that can be worked by hand to the one that can be worked with the spatula technique. Dermaepil sugar does not irritate the skin. It consists of 100% natural ingredients and is chemically neutral.
  • Regular is a sugar paste made with a traditional Tunisian recipe for whole body hair removal. The pasta is dark in color. This sugaring agent is ideal for beginners as it requires a little more heating.
  • White Soft is a gentle sweetener and its pH is neutral. Does not contain citric acid, and does not irritate sensitive skin. It is heated to 30-40 degrees. In the summer heat or with warm hands, you don't need heating.
  • Soft is a traditional sugar paste for whole body hair removal. It is heated to 35-45 degrees. The most popular sweetener all year round.

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DermaEpil White Soft Sugar, 1 kg €35,00
BEBARÉ Sugar Paste, 1000 g €16,90
BEBARÉ Sugar Paste, 300 g €6,95
DermaEpil Soft Sugar, 1 kg €35,00

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