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Design and finishing

Design however you want - we have the tools for you!

Colored base sprays, heat protection sprays, styling gels and liquids, sea salt spray, hair sprays and foams.

Pumpable hair powder is the choice of a busy person. Dry shampoo also works as a styling product, but in the summer it is a standard accessory for festivals.

Dusy Professional Sea Salt Spray, 200 ml €6,95
Dusy Professional Style Volume Mousse Strong, 400 ml €6,90
Dusy Envite Power Glue, 150 ml €8,60
Dusy Professional Curly Boost, 200 ml €10,90
Dusy Envite Hair Active Tonic €6,90
DEAR BEARD Man's Glory Dark Wax, 75 ml €7,06
Cutrin Routa Cutrin Frost Styling Wax 100 ml €11,90

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