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Does your company's furniture need renewing?

A high-quality customer chair is part of a good service experience, and your own work becomes easier when the furniture is in good condition! We have selected only the best brands that can withstand heavy use and meet the requirements of professionals.

At Nicca you will find all the most important furniture for entrepreneurs in the beauty care industry! In addition to the chairs, also explore the accessory carts and washing stations.

Order the products from our online store or apply directly from our store in Espoo.

Sibel Saddle chair Classic €176,00
Original Tool trolley Passy €109,00
Bravehead Saddle chair Lux €159,00
Sibel Sink Angels Bay, black €119,00
Original Original Sink €67,90
Sibel Classic saddle chair, XL €225,00
Sibel Washing place Celestino €1.690,00
Original Compact foldable worktop €109,00
Barburys Barber chair Malone Brown €2.099,00
Efalock Tool trolley Piccolo 4002 €224,00
Barburys Barber chair JETHRO €1.450,00
Barburys Barburys Laundry Nathan €1.099,00
Sibel Customer chair Celestino €829,00
Sibel Customer chair Attractio €699,00
Comair Washing place St. Tropez €1.490,00
Efalock Tool trolley Piccolo 6002 €275,00
Efalock Tool trolley Piccolo 2002 €269,00
Barburys Barber chair Limousine €1.250,00
Barburys Barburys Barber Chair Aston €1.490,00
Barburys Barber chair Arrow, Red €1.849,00

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