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Hair salon and barber chairs

A versatile selection of hair salon and barber chairs. The selection includes products from well-known brands such as Barburys, Original and Sibel. The chairs are designed for professional use, and they combine comfort, elegance and durability. Both customer chairs and barber chairs are available, some of which are equipped with a retro design. The product selection is designed to meet different needs and budgets.
Barburys Barber chair Malone Brown €2.099,00
Barburys BARBURYS Barber chair Jethro €1.450,00
Sibel Customer chair Celestino €829,00
Sibel Customer chair Attractio €699,00
Barburys Barber chair Limousine €1.250,00
Barburys Barburys Barber chair Dylan €1.490,00
Barburys Barber chair Arrow, Red €1.849,00
Barburys Barber chair Arrow, Black €1.849,00
Barburys Barber chair Arrow, Brown €1.849,00
Original Customer chair, Opera €550,00
Original Customer chair, George V €550,00

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