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Beauty care

Beauty care products for industry professionals from Nicca!

The highest quality brands and a wide range of products guarantee that you will find exactly the right beauty care products for your company's needs. Get to know e.g. for eyelash and nail tools, skin care products, eye makeup, hair removal products, etc.

We are constantly expanding our selection so that you have access to all the best beauty care products!

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Depend Eyebrow knife, 3 pcs €5,90
Glamlashes Gel pads Size M - 1 x 2 €1,30
Sibel Wax strips, 250 pcs €10,90
Glamlashes Eyelash brush, 10 pcs €2,30
Refectocil Tint Remover, 150 ml €13,80
Depend kynsilakat Nail polish 5 ml, 036 €2,70
Refectocil Protective pads, 96 pcs €4,90
Femell Mixing cup Glass €1,80
Depend kynsilakat Depend Nail polish 5 ml, 687 €2,70
Depend kynsilakat Depend Nail polish 5 ml, 690 €2,70
Intensive Intensive Tint Remover, 90 ml €6,90 €7,90

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