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Paraffin moisturizes and protects the skin.

It makes the skin elastic and soft. Suitable for feet, hands and elbows. The new cold paraffin is ready to use immediately.

Use: Disinfect the skin. Dip your hand or foot in paraffin a few times, so that warm and soothing layers of paraffin are formed on the surface of the skin. Cover the hand or foot dipped in paraffin with a protective bag and a soft glove or slipper. Leave on for 15 minutes. Remove the paraffin with a protective bag.

BEBARÉ Paraffin Rose, 500 ml €7,50
Sibel Paraffin Gloves €12,90
Sibel Paraffin Heater, Small €52,00
Eurostill Paraffin Gloves, pink €10,50
Sibel Paraffin Slippers €18,50

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