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Beauty care products and accessories for men from Nicca!

Everything you need for men's beauty care: barber supplies, mustache and beard care products, light dyes, razors and blades as well as skin care products and other men's beauty care products can be conveniently bought in the same place. High-quality products are an important part of the customer experience, and that's why we invest in the highest quality products and brands. We also constantly update our selection with interesting novelties!

Order the products from our online store or apply directly from our store in Espoo.

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Efalock Nose-Ear Trimmer Slim €10,90
Dusy Envite Power Glue, 150 ml €8,60
Trend-Design Barber Cape, XXL €33,90
Barburys Towel Heater Arthur €98,00
Wahl Shaving Foil Gold €26,50
Barburys Bloc Osma Alunakivi €7,50
Monster Machine cutting comb €6,95
Efalock Towel warmer, 10.6 L €239,00
Sibel Beard holder €3,95
Jaguar JT2 M Hair/Razor €34,90
Dusy Envite Hair Active Tonic €6,90
Sibel Styling Sponge €4,95
DEAR BEARD Man's Glory Dark Wax, 75 ml €7,06
Andis Profile Shaver Plus €159,00
Barburys Barburys Beard, Code €15,20
Sibel Beard, Beige €4,50
Sibel Towel rack €44,90
Barburys Barburys Bobo Shaving Bowl €225,50
Sibel Shaving cup, Rubber €3,30
Barburys Montana Barbering Pole 70 €215,00
Barburys Barbering Pole 166 €315,00 Gordon travel shaver €31,90

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