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Machines and supplies

In our very wide selection, you can find all the beauty care supplies and machines for your company's needs.

We offer the highest quality hair trimmers and cutting machines, styling and straightening irons, brushes, caps, accessory stands... our selection of thousands of products is constantly expanding and we strive to bring the best new products to you!

Order the products from our online store or apply directly from our store in Espoo.

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HAARO Friseurbedarf GmbH YS Park Cutting comb 339 €12,90
Trend-Design GmbH Surgery cabinet Classic €23,50
Clean All Hair protectors, 400 pcs €13,90
Efalock Bad Butch Trimmer €49,00
Sibel Permanent rollers, Long, 8 cm from €2,90 Disposable towel, 1 kg €12,90
Antibact Antibact Disinfectant, 1 L €13,90
Sibel Cylinder white, Light €2,60
Efalock Finishing comb 187 €1,40
Sibel Cylinder white, Brown €2,60
Efalock Tri-fold napkin, 100 pcs €7,90
Sibel Permanent hood, Black €4,90
Trend-Design Nano Compact Kappa €36,90
Barburys Neck gaiter Value €10,50
Braun & Wettberg 3-Row Brush, Black €3,90
Jaguar Brush cleaner €1,80
Jaguar J-Cut Cutter €16,90
Bob Tuo Bob Tuo Towel x 12 pcs €99,00
Bravehead Disinfectant Spray, 500 ml €13,90
Original Dreox Hair Dryer, Black €35,50
Bratt-trading Disposable aprons, 100 pcs €9,90
Efalock Flat Customer Mirror €25,90
Wahl Neck wart €9,40
Bratt-trading Spray bottle Diamond, 300 ml €10,90

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