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Our selection includes high-quality kappas from Trend Design. You can find many different options in our cutting, dyeing and combination capes. For example, the Classic kappa is a classic as its name suggests and is available in 17 different colors.

Men have their own fair-sized kappas and children's kappas are available, e.g. with a wild animal or Children's World theme.

Trend-Design Surgery cabinet Classic €23,50
Trend-Design Nano Compact Kappa €36,90
Trend-Design Hair Time Plastic Cap, Black €8,50
Trend-Design Nano RecYcape, Dyeing cape €35,90
Tradehouse OÜ Cutting board, Black Chalk Stripe €14,90
Trend-Design Barber Cape, XXL €33,90
EFALOCK PROFESSIONAL TOOLS GMBH Efalock Children's coat, Wild animals €16,90
Trend-Design NANO Air Uni, Surgery cabinet €36,90
Trend-Design GmbH Children's kappa Children's world €17,90
Trend-Design Nano Compact Kappa 2 In 1 €39,90
Trend-Design Trend Design Mesh Plastic Cap €25,90
Trend-Design Youth kappa, Easy Rider €18,90
Trend-Design Hair Time Plastic cap, Silver €8,50
Trend-Design Trend-Design NANO Air Sleep Pine €36,90
Trend-Design Trend-Design NANO Air Men kappa €33,90
Trend-Design Youth club, Rock €18,90
Trend-Design Youth kappa, Jockey €18,90
Trend-Design Youth kappa, Astronaut €18,90
Trend-Design GmbH Surgery cape, RecYcape €29,90
Trend-Design GmbH Surgical cabinet, Nature Pro €59,90
Trend-Design Nano Mini €24,90
Trend-Design Surgical cape, Style Cape €28,90
Sinelco Kid's coat, Cowboy €16,50

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