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Hair products

All hair products suitable for professional use in one place - check out our wide selection!

You can find from us e.g. permanent and fixing agents, styling products, lightening agents, shampoos, oxidizers and many other hair products from the highest quality brands. We are constantly expanding our selection and making the most interesting novelties available! The product sizes of hair products vary between 60 ml and 1000 ml.

Order from the online store or apply directly from our store in Espoo! Free delivery for orders over €145 (VAT 0%)!

Dusy Professional Dusy Professional Cream Oxidant, 3% €7,90
Dusy Professional Dusy ProfessionalCream Oxidant, 9% €7,90
Dusy Professional Dusy Perm, 1000 ml N/1 For Normal Hair €21,90
Dusy Professional Dusy Professional Cream Oxidant, 12% €7,90
Dusy Professional Rapid Fix 1:9, 1000 ml €13,90
Dusy Envite Argan Oil Spray, 200 ml €6,90
Dusy Professional Dusy Star Bleach Bleaching powder, 500 g €12,90
Dusy Envite Color Shampoo, 250 ml €4,90
Dusy Envite Moisture Conditioner, 200 ml €7,90
Dusy Envite Moisture Shampoo, 250 ml €4,90
Dusy Envite Curl Shampoo, 250 ml €4,90
Dusy Professional Dusy lightening powder Starlight 9+ 500g €19,90

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