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Effective conditioners for different hair types

When it comes to conditioners, it is especially important to take the properties of the hair into account, and when choosing a conditioner, it is worthwhile to get to know the product properly. We have collected in our selection the most popular and effective conditioners from brands such as Dusy, Biosilk, Chi, Femell.

Treatments online with fast delivery times.

Treatments can be conveniently ordered directly from our online store. As a rule, we deliver orders within 1-3 business days and at best even the next day. So take a look at our range of treatments and place your order today!

Dusy Envite Argan Oil Spray, 200 ml €6,90
Dusy Envite Moisture Conditioner, 200 ml €7,90
Dusy Professional Combing liquid, 200 ml €4,40
Dusy Envite Moisture Conditioner 1000 ml €14,90
Dusy Envite 2-Phase Color, 200 ml €8,50
Dusy Envite Herbal conditioner, 200 ml €4,20
Dusy Envite Silver Treatment, 200 ml €6,90
Dusy Envite Hair Active Tonic €6,90

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