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You can find work clothes and underwear for every departure.
Barber Craft workwear is almost like "leather" and fits all sizes.

Unisex dress is suitable for both men and women. Jeans Style work clothes are breathable material with denim patterns.

Compact essu is a pleasantly soft material. It is water resistant. Essu can be conveniently folded to a Compact size with the help of a zipper.

Bratt-trading Disposable aprons, 100 pcs €9,90
Trend-Design Style Dress Work attire €39,00
Trend-Design Cutting Team Safety boot €16,30
Trend-Design Barber Cape, XXL €33,90
Trend-Design Trend-Design Neo Suojaessu €11,90
Barburys Macho Essu €39,90
Wako Artisan Mini Essu €16,90
Trend-Design Bio Kappa Pro, 33 pcs €24,90
Barburys Workwear Mascul €36,00
Trend-Design Bio Kappa, 10 pcs €6,90
Trend-Design Trend Design Be Deluxe Workwear €59,90

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