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Body and feet care

Leg and body well-being is holistic well-being. When your feet are in good condition, even a step is easier.
BEBARÉ Grape Seed Oil, 1000 ml €19,50
Femell Toe separator, 60 pcs €3,95
Femell Foot scraping €6,90
STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL Massage Oil, 500 ml €9,50
Femell Pedicure tongs 14 cm €10,50 Footrest For foot care €49,90
BEBARÉ Bebare Almond oil 500 ml €12,90
BEBARÉ Grape Seed Oil, 4000 ml €55,00 Terry Turban €6,90
STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL Skin Softening Pedicure Mask, 450 ml €10,90

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