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Hair clippers


A lot is required from a hair clipper - it has to have a strong motor, a design that fits in the hand and, of course, durable blades. We have put together a selection of well-known hair clipper brand products:

  • Since 1919 - after the invention of the first usable hair clipper and trimmer - Wahl has been one of the leading brands in the salon and barber industry.
  • Panasonic machines are designed for demanding professional use.
  • Jaguar machines have an eye-catching design and a new durable engine.

Naturally, you can also get the cleaning agents and oils needed for the maintenance of hair clippers from us. Check out the selection and order!

Gammapiu X-Ergo Cordless Hair Clipper €149,00
Moser Moser NEO Hair clipper €109,00
Gammapiu Gammapiu Boosted Hair clipper €139,00
Ultron Ultron VSX-II hair clipper €138,00
Jaguar Jaguar J-Cut 60 Li Mower €178,00
Original Hair clipper Ceox 2 €81,90
Gordon Gordon Hair clipper €69,00
Gammapiu Gammapiu Skin Hair clipper €129,00
Andis Master Cordless €399,00
Gammapiu Gammapiu CYBORG hair clipper €189,00
Jrl JRL Tile set 8 pcs €16,90
Jrl JRL Floor set 2020C €21,90
Oster Oster 97 Hair clipper €269,00

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