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Super popular and wonderfully fruity K-beauty brand Frudia.

Frudia is a Korean beauty care brand and we have a wide selection of fruity delicious products!

Colorful and fresh skin care products containing fruit extracts are suitable for all skin types. The highly popular products are the result of more than 30 years of development work, and you can see it. Skin care and moisturizing products get their rich nutrients and caring antioxidants directly from plants and fruits. Natural, but effective.

The fresh fruit-smelling and effective products are favorites of many social media influencers and are guaranteed to charm you too!

We recommend trying face masks that remove fatigue from the face and effectively restore moisture balance, and toners and creams that prevent aging and skin loosening. Also protect your skin with nourishing hand and lip creams.

Frudia Air Mask 24 Watery €1,80
Frudia AIR Mask 24 Snowy €1,80

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